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Nice Designs

This blog post is actually just going to me picking a few things from Yanko Design, a site focused on the design of technology which my high school Technology teacher really got me into. I’ll stick to the first few pages and see what I like.

Traffic Lights Get Smarter:  I like the design, but I honestly can’t say for sure having a timer present would be a good thing.

“OMG…The timer is running out, it’s about to turn red” *floors it*

The ability to display road conditions and weather would be a welcomed feature.

Overall minus human tendencies it’s a nice design.

Chilling Outside the Window: The design of this one caught my eye. It kind of reminds me of an external hard drive, but it’s a refrigerator you mount outside your window. It has solar panels to harvest energy during the summer and during the winter it’s easier for it to conserve power because the outside temperature is cooler. This is meant to placed right outside a window, so just reach out a window and grab what you want.

That’s all for today, I might do post like this every so often.


Concerning Women’s Tennis

I want to preface this by saying “I’m not a sports guy”. I’ve never been big on watching sports, especially if those sports are being shown via a television. My dad on the other hand seems to have this desire to watch every sport that airs on TV and recently it’s been Tennis.

I have nothing against tennis, in fact I’ve considered giving it a go. The only time I realize he is watching tennis though is when the females are playing because I can a constant barrage of Moans, or Grunts. Depending on what you want to classify them as.

I tend to put in some headphones and listen to music, once he starts watching them play. The sounds constantly grant on my nerves. I can’t help but wonder are they taught by their coaches the louder they grunt the harder they hit the ball or something.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t make any nose, it’s just that the ones they do make seem to be extremely exaggerated. I haven’t noticed it with male tennis players. I’ve noticed that I don’t notice those matches as much. If they do it I haven’t noticed it yet. Next time I see my dad watching males play tennis, I’ll be sure to listen for it.

A Fresh Start?

I want to give this another go. It’s something I have to be more disciplined about. A few post here and there. Random thoughts, or if I see something I think is cool.

I’ll prep a real post within the next few days.

I guess this is me saying…”I’m Back”

and Yes I’ll update my about me. This no longer cuts it:

I’m Ray, I am 17 and play the Bass Clarinet in the Golden Dragon Band at Nacogdoches High School,

I take things Seriously (most of the time), but i like to have fun and hang out with my friends and family.

I enjoy learning new stuff about computers and other electronics