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Experience Victorious

I had my first experience with Nickelodeon’s new show, Victorious. (Well new to me, I just checked it premiered in March). The episode I watched was titled “Wi-Fi In The Sky” and I enjoyed it.

I actually saw this episode 2 times over the weekend, well 1 and a half. I walked into the living room the first time and my mom was watching it. I had no clue was it was, but it caught my attention.

I kept trying to walk away, but it was funny and I wanted to see how it ended.

The second time I caught it from the beginning and I enjoyed it even more having the whole story.

I’ll see if I can watch some of the previous episodes and might catch a few when the new ones air, but I don’t know if the other episodes hold up to this one, but every time I think of this show the first thing I’ll think about is “Wi-Fi in the Sky”