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2010: A Year in Retrospect

Yes, I realize I’m late. 2010 started 14 days ago.

2010 was an interesting year. a lot happened, somethings better than others. I was going to go into more detail, but I couldn’t decide how I wanted to write it down.

I’m want to make 2011 a better year, because 2010 wasn’t my favorite.


On Fitness.

I’m not fat, even if I jokingly say it sometimes. In fact I’ve lost about fifteen pounds since I’ve started a semi-regular workout schedule with my friend, Matt. (walks at the track with Lanie, also contributed).

Yet, it’s become harder and harder to keep this schedule, and I think it’s affected me negatively. I seriously need to push and get back on track. I haven’t lifted weights since Monday (i think), but that was the first time in weeks. I always seem to sleep better after working out earlier in the day, and I feel better the next day.

I’m hoping to get back on schedule soon, because being off schedule is depressing.

Not a diet, It’s more of a lifestyle choice.

My family swears up and down I’m on a diet. Anytime I go for something sweet, like candy or cookies, they all seem to say “You can’t have that, You’re on a diet.”

Not once have I uttered the words “I’m on a diet.”, though I have made changes to what I eat and drink on a regular basis because those changes have made me feel better in the long run. In fact I’ve gone almost nine months now without drinking a soda. I realized I was drinking them because they were there, but why wasn’t I drinking the water that was available?

I don’t just drink water, though. My beverage intake includes water, tea, coffee, lemonade, orange juice, and other similar stuff. Most of these are just as satisfying taste wise as soda.

Most diets include sometime of exercising requirement, or at least recommend it. Yes, I exercise on a semi regular basis. I’ve been running off and on for a little over a year now. I love how I feel afterwards. I’ve even noticed improvements in my breathing. I think growing up I let the fact that I had asthma influence my choices more than I should have.

For a few months now my exercise routine has including weight training with my friend, Matt. Yes, we do it to see improvements in the strength department, but we keep doing it because we enjoy how it makes us feel.

I honestly don’t think I could stick to a diet, I like certain foods to much, and I would cave all the time. I don’t see what I do as a diet, but as a lifestyle. A lifestyle that promotes choices that make me feel physically better.

25 Random Things as seen on my facebook page

So decided to post this on my blog after i did it on facebook:

1. I’m a Christian
2. I like to Sleep, it always makes me feel better
3. I enjoy reading, a lot
4. I enjoy a few different Japanese Television shows
5. I plan on learning Japanese, and later visting Japan
6. I love the show, Heroes
7. I love Banana Nut Muffins
8. I drink a lot of water
9. I drink my coffee black
10. I hate going without my Ipod for even the smallest amount of time
11. My favorite food is probably pizza, if not that then tacos
12. I still don’t know what College I am going to
13. I have a blog, but rarely update it, and intend to update it more often.
14. It’s hard to make me angry
15. I’m inexperienced when it comes to relationships
16. I prefer Desktops over laptops most of the time
17. I wear contacts when i wake and feel like putting them in
18. I made the All-Region band for the first time this year
19. I like to ride my bike, and a few other forms of exercise
20. I wear a size 14 shoe
21. I tend to check out more books then from the library at a time then i will read before i go back
22. My favorite color is blue
23. I like taking pictures of random things
24. I’ve never been Camping
25. I want to go Rock Climbing one day, but would never go sky diving


So, Tuesday September 30th, 2009 had to be one of the worst days I have had in a while. Two things happened that I wouldn’t consider fun or anything of that sort. The second of which has been resolved, and wasn’t that big of a deal to start with so I won’t say anything else about it on here, but the second thing has yet to be fixed and it’s literally driving me crazy.

My ipod Touch died

It won’t come back on, be detected by the computer or anything at all. I even charged it for two days straight afterword.  The worst thing about it was it was working fine, and i mean totally fine, at least until i decided to check the time for the third time on the way to the band’s practice field, and it wouldn’t even respond.

Of course as soon as I arrived at home, i started troubleshooting it to see if I could fix this problem, but none of the stuff that would normally work did a thing. The fact that my Computer doesn’t even recognize it makes me think it might be a hardware failure or something, but either way it’s driving me crazy. 

I knew before that if something happened to my Ipod Touch, I that I wouldn’t be able to live without it. The stupid thing had my Calendar, Contacts, and other important stuff in it, and I used it constantly. It almost never left my person.

My last resort is probably going to be sending to Apple, which I really hope I get to soon,  while it’s still under warranty, or I might go even more insane.

God’s Love

I love how it takes little things to show me once again how much God cares. I couldn’t imagine living my life, without him anymore. Last night we changed things up a little at church, so we could host the “Saw You At The Pole” party thing. We had people from all over the area, some from wooden, central heights, etc.

The way everyone was praising God was amazing. You could feel God’s presence. Even though we played a few silly games. The focus was on God. He cared enough to give his one and only son for us. (John 3:16)

Without God I wouldn’t be complete. I have tried living life without him, but it didn’t work out. The thought now is replusive.

I thank him for all he has done in my life.

Life as of Now

What is there to say about life? School started three days ago, ending my really relaxing summer of doing nothing. To say the least summer life was really enjoyable. I didn’t get a job, like I had oringally planned, but I didn’t really mind. The few things I did over the summer were going over to Chanel’s with EJ and playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Guitar Hero on the Wii, and Going over to the Creel’s to stay the night, hang out,and play Super Mario Galaxy on their Wii.
Now school is back in session, and truthfully I feel like I’m slacking off after experiencing my Junior year at NHS. This year I’m not taking any advance classes compared to last years four, I normally would have taken AP English 4, but I don’t think that is to big of a deal.

I think summer ended way to soon,  I was enjoying the peacefulness of it, that is when I wasn’t being hassled by a sibling. I could sleep when I wanted and as long as I wanted which tended to be the same everyday anyway. My summer accomplishment, I saved Princess Peach on Super Mario Galaxy at The Creel’s house over the span of the three nights i spent the night, and that was entertaining, and I can say the i didn’t play the Wii the entire time, I was there. I Swam, played on a slip and slide, and went to Tyler.

Either way life is still amazing I have Family and Friends that care about me and some people can’t even say that.  Well I lost focus because I delayed finishing after I started Wednesday Night, I wrote the first paragraph on my Ipod Touch on the Way to wal-mart, and finished the rest today on my Computer. I hope everyone is doing well.