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On Fitness.

I’m not fat, even if I jokingly say it sometimes. In fact I’ve lost about fifteen pounds since I’ve started a semi-regular workout schedule with my friend, Matt. (walks at the track with Lanie, also contributed).

Yet, it’s become harder and harder to keep this schedule, and I think it’s affected me negatively. I seriously need to push and get back on track. I haven’t lifted weights since Monday (i think), but that was the first time in weeks. I always seem to sleep better after working out earlier in the day, and I feel better the next day.

I’m hoping to get back on schedule soon, because being off schedule is depressing.


Not a diet, It’s more of a lifestyle choice.

My family swears up and down I’m on a diet. Anytime I go for something sweet, like candy or cookies, they all seem to say “You can’t have that, You’re on a diet.”

Not once have I uttered the words “I’m on a diet.”, though I have made changes to what I eat and drink on a regular basis because those changes have made me feel better in the long run. In fact I’ve gone almost nine months now without drinking a soda. I realized I was drinking them because they were there, but why wasn’t I drinking the water that was available?

I don’t just drink water, though. My beverage intake includes water, tea, coffee, lemonade, orange juice, and other similar stuff. Most of these are just as satisfying taste wise as soda.

Most diets include sometime of exercising requirement, or at least recommend it. Yes, I exercise on a semi regular basis. I’ve been running off and on for a little over a year now. I love how I feel afterwards. I’ve even noticed improvements in my breathing. I think growing up I let the fact that I had asthma influence my choices more than I should have.

For a few months now my exercise routine has including weight training with my friend, Matt. Yes, we do it to see improvements in the strength department, but we keep doing it because we enjoy how it makes us feel.

I honestly don’t think I could stick to a diet, I like certain foods to much, and I would cave all the time. I don’t see what I do as a diet, but as a lifestyle. A lifestyle that promotes choices that make me feel physically better.