25 Random Things as seen on my facebook page

So decided to post this on my blog after i did it on facebook:

1. I’m a Christian
2. I like to Sleep, it always makes me feel better
3. I enjoy reading, a lot
4. I enjoy a few different Japanese Television shows
5. I plan on learning Japanese, and later visting Japan
6. I love the show, Heroes
7. I love Banana Nut Muffins
8. I drink a lot of water
9. I drink my coffee black
10. I hate going without my Ipod for even the smallest amount of time
11. My favorite food is probably pizza, if not that then tacos
12. I still don’t know what College I am going to
13. I have a blog, but rarely update it, and intend to update it more often.http://foxwolf91.wordpress.com/
14. It’s hard to make me angry
15. I’m inexperienced when it comes to relationships
16. I prefer Desktops over laptops most of the time
17. I wear contacts when i wake and feel like putting them in
18. I made the All-Region band for the first time this year
19. I like to ride my bike, and a few other forms of exercise
20. I wear a size 14 shoe
21. I tend to check out more books then from the library at a time then i will read before i go back
22. My favorite color is blue
23. I like taking pictures of random things
24. I’ve never been Camping
25. I want to go Rock Climbing one day, but would never go sky diving

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