So, Tuesday September 30th, 2009 had to be one of the worst days I have had in a while. Two things happened that I wouldn’t consider fun or anything of that sort. The second of which has been resolved, and wasn’t that big of a deal to start with so I won’t say anything else about it on here, but the second thing has yet to be fixed and it’s literally driving me crazy.

My ipod Touch died

It won’t come back on, be detected by the computer or anything at all. I even charged it for two days straight afterword.  The worst thing about it was it was working fine, and i mean totally fine, at least until i decided to check the time for the third time on the way to the band’s practice field, and it wouldn’t even respond.

Of course as soon as I arrived at home, i started troubleshooting it to see if I could fix this problem, but none of the stuff that would normally work did a thing. The fact that my Computer doesn’t even recognize it makes me think it might be a hardware failure or something, but either way it’s driving me crazy. 

I knew before that if something happened to my Ipod Touch, I that I wouldn’t be able to live without it. The stupid thing had my Calendar, Contacts, and other important stuff in it, and I used it constantly. It almost never left my person.

My last resort is probably going to be sending to Apple, which I really hope I get to soon,  while it’s still under warranty, or I might go even more insane.

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