Life as of Now

What is there to say about life? School started three days ago, ending my really relaxing summer of doing nothing. To say the least summer life was really enjoyable. I didn’t get a job, like I had oringally planned, but I didn’t really mind. The few things I did over the summer were going over to Chanel’s with EJ and playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Guitar Hero on the Wii, and Going over to the Creel’s to stay the night, hang out,and play Super Mario Galaxy on their Wii.
Now school is back in session, and truthfully I feel like I’m slacking off after experiencing my Junior year at NHS. This year I’m not taking any advance classes compared to last years four, I normally would have taken AP English 4, but I don’t think that is to big of a deal.

I think summer ended way to soon,  I was enjoying the peacefulness of it, that is when I wasn’t being hassled by a sibling. I could sleep when I wanted and as long as I wanted which tended to be the same everyday anyway. My summer accomplishment, I saved Princess Peach on Super Mario Galaxy at The Creel’s house over the span of the three nights i spent the night, and that was entertaining, and I can say the i didn’t play the Wii the entire time, I was there. I Swam, played on a slip and slide, and went to Tyler.

Either way life is still amazing I have Family and Friends that care about me and some people can’t even say that.  Well I lost focus because I delayed finishing after I started Wednesday Night, I wrote the first paragraph on my Ipod Touch on the Way to wal-mart, and finished the rest today on my Computer. I hope everyone is doing well.

    • EJ Harris
    • September 3rd, 2008

    You suck i so didn’t mean to click on your link, but my computer s retarded. but i thought i wuld leave a comment. You so nee more stuff make in more pretty. i know this is for you but you know i dont like it, ad i’m strting to become O.C.D. about stuff like that so yea do better!!!
    your BFF

    • EJ Harris
    • September 3rd, 2008

    oh andi really like that pic of you!!!!! so i guess i don hate i all…. lol be happy

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